We arrived at the Ascended Masters dimension.  It was a beautiful field with perfect green grass and wildflowers everywhere.  A perfect line of trees led the path to a garden.  A twenty feet table was set with white linen and crystal, there were cookies and lemonade.

I saw the Trinity presiding the gathering, and soon after many Ascended Masters walked around and sit next to us.  They all dressed in white robes.  Next to me sat Wayne Dyer.  He looked at me with such gentle but playful eyes and said:

“I have to say that I love you Jo, and I absolutely love the name you’ve chosen for yourself, well with the help of Daniel, right? it’s out of this world, girl!  You are every bit of it and more, it suits you perfectly.

Jo, I know it’s hard right now but you know things can change in a second… aren’t you the Quantum Queen?  didn’t you know it? why do you think you can’t stop yourself from using that word?  quantum, quannnnntummmmm, quantum, quant’m, quantummmmmm, you are, you are that and you are amazing, yes, I know we are all telling you the same because that is what you need to listen today.  You are IT and anything you can imagine is already done.  Quantum!! do it, you can do it, we are here to help you and hold you and push you and laugh at you and with you.

Jo, there is a man out there, take his leading hand, he has been recruited to help you… I know what you’re thinking, we’ll take care of that.  He will help you make things happen.  Quantum! Jo, quantum.  What part of quantum is that you don’t understand?  Quantum, Jo.

Now eat!”

And then he whispered in my ear: “you can have your wine at home, only liquid gold is served in here… boring!!!!