I highly recommend energetic healing sessions with Jo.

I have worked with her for approximately one year and have experienced her energy healing. Her insight into the body and psyche provide a balanced and profound healing session, providing relief from the numerous physical and trauma injuries in my body.

Ray Jarrad

Owner, Northern Virginia Light Workers

Thanks Soooo Much for the Experience of 2 Access Bars Sessions. Each session was greater than a physical body massage and my mind is not chatting with itself, my body is totally relaxed, my spirit is free and focused. In our second session, I traveled more deeply to an internal consciousness of expansion with energy and released old thoughts. Your Intuitive counseling has set me on track to accomplishing each objective and manifesting a wonderful and unlimited life process.

Thanks, Jo, I Appreciate You Being You!

Nazeeha Howard

Owner, Music and Healing Therapy

Thank you so much for my first quantum touch session. It was fantastic.  I experienced a major reduction in pain (low back and left hip) the rest of the night. This morning I feel lighter mentally.  I woke up with some pain in my low back and left hip, but there definitely is a reduction in pain.

Thank you for our talk after the session.  It was extremely helpful.  You are an amazing and beautiful practitioner.  I’m so happy that you have found and are walking in your purpose for your life. 

Jimece Scarbrough

Thank you, Jo, for the amazing Access Bars session!

I highly recommend Jo to anyone interested in energy work. The Bars session was extremely relaxing and therapeutic. I am feeling awesome, and have received compliments on my healthy looking skin 🙂  I feel at least 5 years younger following the session …

Thanks, Jo!

Amy K. Farabow

Jo is fabulous, she can also use Quantum-Touch and Quantum-Allergy™, to reset for allergies.  She is the first Quantum-Allergy™Facilitator worldwide.

Love to work with her.

Linda Menkhorst-Elsinga

Owner, Confort Care Allergie Therapie

I had my 1st Quantum Touch session with Jo and it was amazing! I could feel the energy shifting and moving in my body. She is extremely knowledgeable with an incredible kind spirit! I highly suggest her!

Rae Roach

Owner, Women Helping Women Retreats, LLC

I have to say that I am better in so many ways after meeting Jo. 

I received Access Bars, Quantum Touch, Quantum Allergy and intuitive counseling. Jo is an amazing channel for healing. She allows the body, mind and spirit to move at its own pace while providing a safe space to do so. The tools she uses with great skill. Her intuitive and heart centered approach is what makes Jo extra special. Thank you Jo for the physical healing and rekindling a dream. 

Kim Schlanger