Everything is gold, the landscape, the buildings, the streets, the fountain, the water… they all walk in pairs and they all dress in white robes.  I am a child sitting by the fountain with my feet inside the water.  He’s older with a white beard and dressed in a white robe, just as the rest.  He is a father figure.

With his arm around me, he holds me next to him and tells me to look inside the water.  There are crystals, radiant crystals in all colours; they light they radiate is so strong that it warms up the water.  I ask him who is he and he says:

“I am the light, I am, I am, go inside and take what you need, any crystals… no, don’t take the crystals, look for the three gold coins and take them, they are yours, you will always carry them with you, they are in your hands to remind you that you own the world if you want.  You will become richer than what you already are.  Believe Jo, believe that everything you imagine is yours, keep working with images, one is coming that will change your life.

Don’t fear, you are held, nothing will happen, you are loved, I love you and I thank you for who you are and for not giving up on yourself ever.  You will be rewarded for that.

Now go and tell them that you channeled me, I am Moses, I am, stop asking me ‘realyyyy?’  I am Moses, Jo, and we’re just starting.  Dress in white, I am as you are.  Stop now and don’t waste more paper, you will need it later.

Psst… tell Celeste she’s funny”