In front of me, there is a spiral path formed by a gradient of white and purple quartz crystals.  They shine with the moonlight and bright up the path to the center of the spiral, where a 12-foot amethyst geode stands facing east. As I walk around I feel the power of the crystals.  They are healing and clearing, removing old attachments and transmuting leftovers of negative energy into positive as I walk to the center of the swirl.

As I approach the geode I realize it’s hollow in the middle and I go inside.  Very slowly I am pulled up into a crystal chamber that overlooks the full moon.  In the center, there is a bowl with a purple ribbon, a piece of paper and a pen.  I write a wish on the paper that reads “let go of fear of the unknown,” I wrap it with the ribbon and put it in my left hand as I raised it as an offering to the moon.  A white owl flies over me and looks deep into my eyes as it grabs the scroll I hold, and flies away from me, to deliver it to the moon.

As I go back outside I realize there is a meditation bolster on the ground so I sit on it and close my eyes.

Suddenly I feel I am in the center of creation.  I see a huge collision of worlds, of energies, and in the center of destruction, a tiny little seed starts emerging and everyting turns quiet, a beautiful peaceful silence that transforms into cellestial music.  The darkenss turns into a rose quartz colour and the scent of flowers inundates the space.

The seed starts growing and emanating bright white light that warms everyting around.  As the seed grows it starts sprout, and from its center an image starts to take shape.  It’s the image of a woman who looks victorius, all dressed in white.  The energy around her is white and gold.  She opens her arms and hands and says: “I am. I am the begining and the end, I am your mother, and as a mother I am here to mother you, to nurture and protect you, and guide you with love until the day you come back to me as a newborn child.  Go, become innocent and pure and bring more with you.  I am the beginning and the end, I am always with you.  And so it is”