“I am Raphael, the angel of health, isn’t the chirping of those birds better than music?  they have messages for you, for all of you.  The time has come for you to rise, you can fly now, be one of them.  I want you to sing, Jo, I want you to go to the windows of those in pain and sing for them, wake them up with your birdsong, you are needed.

You are needed, Jo, my child, you have all our support and guidance… did you know you’re one of us?  Do you remember Peter, the challenged man you gave a ride the other day?  he called you angel… he knew it, he was one of us, he was your guardian angel who wanted to touch you, to feel the warmth of your hands and the beauty of your heart.

Resist, Jo, resist, the end is near, freedom is so close to you… resist and keep doing the fight, you were brought here to teach that life is so much more than what it seems to be for many, life shouldn’t be the burden that most feel it is.  We are here with you, we are all here, all of us.  The time has come.

Michael is with you and I am too, and so are the rest of us and yes, Moses, he is here to mentor you and teach you a few things that you will need to know to shine your light.

Jo, our precious child, believe.  We are talking to you, and we need you, we need you to be our voice for those who want to hear.  Jo, you’re special. Now go and prepare for the day that’s breaking, everything will be alright, listen and be ready for signals, we know you love those signals.

How about that tickling in your fingers and behind your left ear now?? … feel us, we are with you, you’re not alone, we have your back… and the rest of you as well!

Go on.”