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Jo MPowerz - Energy Healing

What if life was everything you have ever wished for and more?  What if everything you imagine and desire is possible?  What would it be like to live with ease, joy, and glory every day of your life?  What would you choose to create if you knew you have the power of creation in your hands?  What else is possible?

My name is Jo. I was lucky to be born in enchanting Ecuador and lived there the first part of my life. In my early twenties I moved to the Washington, DC area where I settled and raised my family, and in 2006 was blessed to have the opportunity to live in amazing Australia, on and off, for 9 years, where I became very familiar with the energy of mother earth and all its gifts and benefits.

In 1993, while giving birth to my daughter, I had an NDE (near death experience) during which I was blessed to experience the Source of all creation and, although I didn’t want to ever leave that place of infinite peace, when I was brought back to life I knew my purpose was to share the energy I had been given with anyone I came in contact with.

I became acquainted with Access Consciousness and Quantum-Touch by complete synchronicity.  I loved the feeling of having my Bars ran for the first time, and the healing effect of Quantum-Touch on my body and emotional issues, which led me to take classes and learn as much as I could and become a practitioner and facilitator.

In April 2018 I became the first worldwide facilitator for Quatum-Allergy™ and the changes I am experiencing in myself and people I treat are fantastic!  I am also a Usui Holy Fire Reiki III practitioner.

Empowering people by sharing my close acquaintance and love for energy healing is a life goal for me.  The more I study and open myself to new possibilities, the stronger my need for service becomes.  There are so many amazing gifts and tools to help us being on the creative edge of new possibilities and consciously create the life that we desire, that not sharing them with others feels foolish.

People usually ask me “what is Bars? how does it work? does it hurt? do I need to do follow a regime? how does Quantum-Touch heal?  how long does it take to recover from a facelift?  can you do it remotely?”  These are just a few of many questions they ask and my response is always the same: “come talk to me, let me work on you once and you will get your answers.”

Would you like to know more?  Would you like to have some fun with me and learn to heal yourself?

With peace and gratitude,